Terms & Conditions


Rates start from £20 per person per night, including breakfast.

Refunds & Cancellation

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all Contracts of any kind made by The Russell Hotel and its Guests and apply to all reservations, bookings and agreements for accommodation, dining and use of all services at The Russell Hotel.

Guests are invited to read these provisions and note their responsibilities, arrangements for payments, cancellation terms and limitations of the liability of The Russell Hotel. The Contract is conditional on the payment of the Deposit or Payment in Full.

A 20% deposit will be taken at the time of booking. The outstanding balance will be collected in full in 7 days or less before the Arrival date.

Reservations made 30 days of less before the date of arrival will require payment in full at the time of booking. Payment is not refundable in the event of any amendment or cancellation. Guests are recommended to take out their own insurance for the duration of their trip to cover any eventuality.


Date of Arrival The date on which the services are to be provided or shall start to be provided by The Russell Hotel. Arrival can be any time after 3pm.

Date of Departure The date on which the services provided will cease to be provided by The Russell Hotel. Departure/check out itme is 10.30am.

Guest Means the person for whom The Russell Hotel has agreed to provide the services in accordance with these terms

Contract The Contract for the provision of the services including these Terms as appropriate

Deposit a 20% or more part payment of the total booking fee

Services The provision of accommodation and supply of food and beverages and other services by The Russell Hotel for the Guest described in writing by The Russell Hotel and on its website or in its brochure

Schedule The schedule of deposits, payments and cancellation terms described above

Terms & Conditions

  1. If The Russell Hotel confirms the reservation this Contract is conditional on the Guest supplying credit card details and the authority for charges to be deducted (including cancellation charges). If credit card details and payment authority is not given to The Russell Hotel by the guest then subject to any outstanding obligation due to The Russell Hotel from the Guest the Contract will cease to be of effect. The services of the provisional reservation will be released and resold without any further notification to the Guest.
  2. The Russell Hotel shall provide the services to the Guest subject to the Contract.
  3. The Guest shall at its own expense supply The Russell Hotel with all necessary data or other information relating to the services within sufficient time to enable The Russell Hotel to provide the services in accordance with the Contract. The Guest shall ensure the accuracy of all such information. The Russell Hotel may at any time without notifying the Guest make any changes to the services which are necessary to comply with any applicable safety or other statutory requirements, or which do not affect the nature or quality of the services.
  4. The charges payable by the Guest shall be detailed in writing by The Russell Hotel.
  5. If no charges are specified or additional and varied services are provided to the Guest, the Guest shall pay the standard charges at the prevailing rate on the day the services are provided and any additional sums which are agreed between The Russell Hotel and the Guest for the provision of the services.
  6. The Russell Hotel may vary the standard charges from time to time.
  7. The payment to The Russell Hotel to be made by the Guest, including Deposits, are to be made on the date(s) and in the amounts to be calculated as specified.
  8. If any services are varied prior to arrival then the payment made will reflect the latest details. Any additional charges due to The Russell Hotel from the Guest for the services shall be paid by the Guest in full and cleared on or before the departure date.
  9. For rooms reserved using the Special Offer Rate full payment will be collected at the time of booking. The payment is not refundable in the event of any amendment or cancellation.
  10. Valid credit and debit cards will be swiped through a chip and pin machine and authorisation obtained.
  11. All charges must be settled in full prior to the Guest departing from the hotel at the end of their stay at The Russell Hotel. The Guest is deemed to have authorised the settling of all outstanding charges which can be processed by The Russell Hotel using any debit or credit card details held on file.
  12. The Guest agrees to pay charges to The Russell Hotel in the event of cancellation of the services or if the Guest and/or their party fail to take up the services at the time and on the day specified.
  13. Any variation of numbers, accommodation and food and beverage requirements specified for the services or other changes or additions must be agreed by the Guest and The Russell Hotel prior to arrival.
  14. When The Russell Hotel supplies the services which include any services provided by a third party, The Russell Hotel does not give any warranty, guarantee or other term as to their quality, fitness for purpose or otherwise, but shall, where possible, assign to the Guest the benefit of any warranty, guarantee or indemnity given by the person supplying the services to The Russell Hotel.
  15. The Russell Hotel shall have no liability to the Guest for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising from any instructions supplied by the Guest which are incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, illegible, out of sequence, in the wrong form, or arising from the late/non arrival, or any other fault of the Guest.
  16. Except in respect of death, personal injury, caused by The Russell Hotel’s negligence, or as expressly provided in these terms, The Russell Hotel shall not be liable to the Guest by reason of any representation, or any implied warranty, condition or other term, or any duty at common law, for any loss or profit or any indirect, special, or consequential loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims (whether caused by the negligence of The Russell Hotel, its staff, agents or otherwise, which arise out of or in connection with the services (including any delay in providing or failure to provide the services) or in their use by the Guest and the entire liability of The Russell Hotel shall not exceed the amount of The Russell Hotel’s charges for the provision of the services except as expressly provided.
  17. The Russell Hotel may (without limiting any other remedy) at any time terminate the Contract by giving written notice to the Guest if the Guest commits any breach of these terms, or if the client goes into liquidation, becomes bankrupt, makes a voluntary arrangement with its creditors or has a receiver or administrator appointed.
  18. Arrival and departure times for accommodation at The Russell Hotel are 4pm and 10.30am respectively, and must be strictly adhered to by the Guest on all occasions.
  19. The Guest is responsible for the behaviour of his or her party at The Russell Hotel and their orderly conduct. The Guest must make sure that no noise or nuisance is caused either for The Russell Hotel or its other Guests. The Guest must comply with any reasonable request of The Russell Hotel and with any policies of The Russell Hotel as may apply to the services from time to time.
  20. Should a Guest wish for any item to be received by The Russell Hotel prior to arrival or following departure, advance notice is required. The Russell Hotel retains the right to deny receipt of such items. Any costs incurred for return will be borne by the sender. All items are left at the owners risk and may be subject to search. The Russell Hotel is not liable for flood, fire, damage or theft of items on the premises of The Russell Hotel belonging to a Guest, his or her party or received from a sender not associated with the Hotel.
  21. Smoking is prohibited in all public areas of The Russell Hotel including all bedrooms. Guests of the Hotel are able to smoke in the front garden only. To ensure the comfort of our non-smoking Guests, a charge will be applied for smoking anywhere within the Hotel.
  22. All walk in and same day booking Guests must provide photographic identification on arrival regardless of nationality.
  23. Visitors to registered Guests are not permitted in the bedrooms but may use the garden, lounge and dining room as required, without causing noise or a nuisance which ay disturb the other Guests at The Russell Hotel.
  24. Any electrical, audio visual equipment the Guest wishes to use that is not the property of The Russell Hotel can only be brought into The Russell Hotel and used with The Russell Hotel’s permission. All such equipment must comply with the I.E.E. regulations and safety standards. The Russell Hotel may at its discretion arrange for its own contractors to inspect any such equipment. The cost of such inspection shall be borne by the Guest. The Guest will comply with any requirement or direction imposed by The Russell Hotel following such inspection. The Guest will indemnify The Russell Hotel in connection with any loss or damage caused to The Russell Hotel, its staff and other Guests or other visitors present as a result of the Guest bringing onto the premises any equipment, plant or machinery in respect of any loss, damage, costs including legal costs that The Russell Hotel shall incur.